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Created for early-stage Social Business entrepreneurs

YY Goshthi is a Social Business incubation program by YY Ventures that helps socially & environmentally conscious entrepreneurs to launch their minimum viable product and raise the needed seed capital.

YY Goshthi was created in 2016 as the first Social Business incubation program in Bangladesh that offers rapid, intense, and immersive education to early-stage Social Businesses. As the prime Social Business incubation program in Bangladesh YY Goshthi’s goal is to support young social entrepreneurs while they transform their communities by building Social Businesses.

We empower social entrepreneurs with world-class training, mentoring, community, coworking space, and access to investors, enabling them to navigate their way towards launching a minimum viable product and raising the needed seed capital. We have prominently incubated enterprises, notably Avijatrik Tourism, Wizkit, GARBAGEMAN, Broque, TransEnd, Max TapWater, AmarLab that have been working to solve some of the wicked social challenges. We are a ‘Globally Connected’ locally rooted ecosystem in Bangladesh that is driven by social and environmental consciousness.

World-Class Training

YY Goshthi creates a space for promising entrepreneurs to accelerate their business to the next level. The participants can draw guidelines and construct their business idea in the presence of world reputed business trainers. Our boot camp prepares the participants with different aspects of launching a successful business.

Tailor-Made Consultation Support

One of the key benefits that we offer to our incubees is need based consultation support. We structure consultation hours based on the needs of the founders. In partnership with our supporters and network, we bring seasoned professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs from around the world to mentor our incubees.

Investor Network

Each cohort we offer pre-seed investment up to BDT 1.0- 1.5 million to top incubees and work with dozens of local and international investors and angels. We become partners with our incubees and help them negotiate and raise capital from investors.

Office Space

We offer co-working space facility to our incubees at Impact Hub Dhaka, one of the world's largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact scale, which brings together entrepreneurs, enablers, young talents and professionals from all across Bangladesh to create a vibrant community. For the first four months, our incubees are able to avail workspace without any expense.

Pro-Bono Business Support Services

Our sister organization, YY Studio specializes in creating strong brand identity, websites, and marketing collateral. As part of the incubation program, YY Studio offers business support services to our incubees pro-bono or at a minimum expense. Our partner organizations offer pro-bono legal and accounting support and we get access to new business opportunities with their help.


Get connected to our thriving community of compassionate, creative, and committed social entrepreneurs who aim to achieve collective progress through collaboration and exchange. Our community promotes a responsible and sustainable corporate culture and offers events, meetings, and activities that promote sustainability and entrepreneurship.


The legal status of business

The program has primarily been designed for the needs of Social Businesses; however, non-profits, for-profits, co-operatives, and community contribution businesses are all eligible as long as they serve a crucial social or environmental cause and are willing to incorporate a Social Business model moving forward.

Stage of venture

The program is geared towards those at an early-stage of development, who have an idea they are willing to invest in. Ideally, applicants have completed some measure of feasibility assessment and can see themselves moving to launch in 4-6 months. Those who have already launched but need support to refine their business plan and scale up operations are also encouraged to apply.

Broqué | Spring 2020 Cohort

Max TapWater | Spring 2020 Cohort

Wizkit | Fall 2020 Cohort

TransEnd | Fall 2020 Cohort

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